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The Buku Speed Tune clutch has now been widely recognized as the single best performance clutch in the Nitro R/C world. It's being used by all levels of R/C drivers, from the occasional back yard basher to world class professional racers.

Prior to the introduction of the Buku Clutch making adjustments to the engagement point of an R/C clutch was a time consuming and cumbersome process. Because you have to remove the motor and disassemble the clutch, traditional R/C clutches require at least 10 minutes to make a single adjustment and with the limited number of spring choices available, tuning a traditional R/C clutch system was simply too difficult and time consuming. As a result most people never really bother to actually tune their clutch to the current track conditions and settle for a setup the works OK on the track but is far from being tuned.

The Buku Clutches unique ability to individually adjust the spring tension for each shoe in just a few seconds, without removing the motor or even the clutch bell, has brought clutch tuning to the forefront of the Nitro R/C World. Indeed, clutch tuning is now becoming acknowledged as one of the most powerful in not underutilized tools for improving overall performance.

The fast and easy tuning of the Buku Clutch allows a driver to, for the first time in R/C history, use performance feedback to make real time adjustments for peak performance. And because the adjustments are infinite and precise you are no longer tied to choosing one spring over another. You can dial in a perfect setting for any track condition in just a couple minutes...

Beyond the fast and easy tuning, the Patent Pending Buku Bonded Komposite technology has made aluminum and traditional black plastic composite shoes obsolete. The superior wear rate and consistent performance vastly reduces clutch maintenance and the shoes last so long they literally will pay for the entire clutch system compared to traditional aluminum shoes.

Buku Clutches are now available in a wide range of sizes and shoes choices for most R/C cars and trucks.

All Buku Clutch systems are pre-assembled and can be bolted on in just a few minutes. The kits come complete with everything necessary for installation on most vehicles. (Check model specific information on the following pages for additional details)
Hardened and ground posts are 25% larger than traditional clutches, providing longer life and smoother operation. They are able to easily withstand today's larger and more powerful motors.
Quick and easy independent tuning without removing the motor or clutch bell.

Engagement RPM's from Sub-idle (less than a .9mm spring) to over 20,000 (greater than a 1.1mm spring) without changing springs!
Unique design prevents the clutch shoes from contacting the flywheel, making shimming the shoes a thing of the past.
All levels of R/C drivers will appreciate the innovative design and ease of installation.
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